Aquatic Survival Instruction (ASI)©

Program Information

8 months to 5 years +

Parent Assisted Classes

 Level PA 1 & PA2


NEW! Level PA1:

Lads ‘n Lasses


30 minute parent-assisted

1 x per week

0 - 18 months

This parent-assisted class is geared toward water acclimation for infants and young toddlers by introducing them to the water in a calm and soothing environment while in the parent’s arms. There will be lots of splashing and fun songs while your infant explores their new environment!

NEW! Level PA2:



30 minute parent-assisted

1 x per week

18 months - 3 years

This parent-assisted group class is geared toward helping our students who have recently completed our Landlubber or Scallywag level. This fun class offers structured learning and skill development while enjoying skill-focused games and lessons with mom or dad as their swim buddy!

Aquatic Survival Instruction ASI©

Level 1A & 1B


Level 1A: Landlubbers (ASI©)


15 minutes, 3 x per week, 12 weeks

8 mo - 5 yrs

Ditch the puddle jumper! Our one-on-one Aquatic Survival Instruction class has been developed to teach any non-swimming child the ability to survive an aquatic accident on their own, in addition to beginner swimming skills. This is the foundation to all of our swimming programs and the life skills that all children should have.

Level 1B: Sea Legs (ASI Fast Track)


30 minutes,

2 x per week, 8 weeks

5 yrs to 10 yrs,

Assessment may be required

This aquatic survival class is for the older child that is acclimated to the water, loves getting his or her face wet splashing around in the pool, but cannot maintain a float or swim and doesn’t have the skills necessary to save themselves in the event of an emergency.


Stay Water-Safe Maintenance & Growth© Classes: Levels 2 to 5

Level 2: Scallywags 


15 minutes x 1 day a week

ASI Graduates - 3 yrs

Our Level 3 class is a natural progression from the ASI class, geared toward developing confidence, self-esteem and endurance, all while using and strengthening their newly developed survival skills.

Level 3: Mateys


30 minutes x 1 day a week

3yrs to 5yrs

Ready for a friend to join? Our Level 3 class concentrates on building endurance and confidence in their survival skills, while introducing new skills that are in preparation to learn the 4 basic swim strokes, all while enjoying time with a well-paired swimming buddy!

Level 4: Sea Puppies 

(Beginner level group)


30 minutes x 1 day a week

3 yrs to 5 yrs

ASI Graduates only or 

Schedule an assessment

Let’s have some fun and use all of our skills! Our Sea Puppies group class is focused on swim stroke preparation and team building.

Level 5: Sea Dogs

(Upper level group)


30 minutes x 1 day a week

4 yrs and up

ASI Graduates only or 

Schedule an assessment

Let’s have some fun and use all of our skills! Our Sea Dogs group class is focused on swim stroke preparation and team building.

Stroke & Group Classes: Levels 6 & 7


Buccaneers (Stroke Lessons)



30 minutes x 1 day a week

4 yrs and up

Ready for the next level? Our small group stroke instruction and personalized attention is focused on stroke development and endurance.

Swashbucklers (Stroke Lessons)



30 minutes x 1 day a week

4 yrs and up

*Must advance from L6, or be evaluated for placement*

Our Swashbucklers is the second phase of our stroke program, focused on the latter two more difficult stroke techniques.

We offer adaptive aquatics, call for details




"Gwinnett Swim is an invaluable resource for swimming instructions to children and adults of all ages. The skilled instructors take time to get to know their student's strengths and weaknesses which allows them to personalize the lesson as needed. My kids had an excellent experience with Gwinnett Swim and I would highly recommend them to anyone." ~ Melissa 


2020 Gwinnett Swim Programs, Tuition & Member Perks

Registration Fee: $65 for first family member, $10 pp thereafter, Lifetime membership*

12 month membership including ASI©: $125 month (Level 1A & Level 1B)

12 month membership excluding ASI©: $89 month

*Membership enrollment consists of 12 months, and will renew annually thereafter on first member’s enrollment date.

**Family Swim Days are open to enrolled members ONLY with at least one student enrolled in a swim class; schedule will be posted monthly.

***Open Lap Swim be offered daily during pre-scheduled times. Adults only; no children allowed during lap swim.

Not ready to become a member yet? We have shorter term programs to meet your needs. Contact us for details.

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