Meet Christy and Cindy, two mothers who deeply care about saving lives with personalized one-on-one swim lessons for infants as young as 6 months old. 


Gwinnett Swim was born from their hearts, from a backyard pool and from personal, tragic experiences of close friends.

Two entrepreneurs who stumbled upon their calling over 10 years ago and are now the most highly trained, certified and respected swim instructors in Hall / Gwinnett County area with an unparalleled staff of certified instructors who share their passion for teaching people to swim and saving lives. They have personally trained thousands of infants and children in aquatic survival skills and Gwinnett Swim continues to strive to be the foundation of where swimming is born! Hours of intensive in-water, one-on-one training, infant/child  physiology, behavioral course studies and water survival instruction were just the beginning of what is now the most successful swim program in the North Georgia area.

If just one life is saved from accidental drowning, their mission is complete.

Christy Williams



Cindy Sachse



Christy's Story

As a mother of three who also believed at one time that “mom and me” swim classes were just what I needed to prepare my children for time in and around water. During these classes my children would jump in to me, blow bubbles, go under water, and splash playfully with me. But one scary thought always loomed in the back of my mind...now they love the water.


What if they are out of my sight for a few seconds around water?  After my third child was born, I decided to search for other means of water safety since we live on water and had also installed a pool.


Shortly thereafter, a friend of ours lost their child to drowning. A few short months later, a close friend had a near drowning experience with their 2 year old in their backyard pool. I knew there had to be better means of protecting my children. 


My youngest began survival lessons at eight months old. I was, and still am, absolutely passionate about drowning education and prevention and knew this was my calling. Although I am not in a classroom setting, my degree in education is applied daily! My desire to educate and teach is what fueled my passion to begin this journey, creating the best quality swim program with the highest expectations and results. 

Cindy's Story

My second child was about to turn one and we had decided to put a pool in the backyard. I was nervous having such a young child around a pool so I sought out swim lessons. I found an instructor 30 minutes away and drove 5 days a week, for a daily 10 minute lesson.


I had almost given up until we opened our backyard pool that summer and I watched my 18 month old daughter jump off of the diving board and swim across our 40 foot pool! I was shocked, amazed, and in awe of what she could do and I was hooked!


I started by getting my WSI certification and quickly realized that teaching group lessons to non-swimmers was not a productive teaching method for young children. I taught stroke lessons to my friends children, acquaintances, family, etc., until my children were old enough to go to school which is when I decided to train to become an infant aquatic specialist.


I’ve learned over the years that there are many different programs for teaching children and the end result remains the same, that all children should have the opportunity to learn to swim, to learn to survive an aquatic situation. Nothing gives me more joy than to see a child take off for the first time across the pool on their own and have the confidence to succeed!

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