Gwinnett Swim Partners with Hope Floats Foundation: Donate Now to Local Families

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Where the Foundation of Swimming is Born!

Contact: Abbie Traylor; 404-590-7946


Gwinnett Swim is pleased to announce it has become a Swim School Provider of Hope Floats Foundation.

Hope Floats Foundation is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to prevent drownings by providing scholarships for swim lessons. Hope Floats partners with local communities to offer financial need-based scholarships at over 200 swim school locations in 30 states. Gwinnett Swim is joining forces with Hope Floats to provide scholarships for swim lessons for children in Hall/Gwinnett counties, who otherwise do not have access.

The equivalent of thirteen school buses full of children die each year in the United States due to drowning. Studies at the National Institute of Health show that swim lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88%.

“There’s a huge need for swim lessons, and the kids that need them the most – lower socio-economic level kids – they’re not getting them,” said Cindy Tonnesen, founder of the Hope Floats Foundation. She continued, “We are saving kids, but there are more we need to reach, and we have the ability and resources to do it.”

We are excited to pay it forward and offer scholarships for swim lessons in our community!

Gwinnett Swim offers lessons to those who are 8-months-old and beyond! Our caring instructors give one-on-one lessons fostering a love for the water while making sure each student learns safety skills and basic swimming techniques. By the end of each session your swimmer will be proficient and you will be at peace! We could not be more excited to have you in our program!

About Hope Floats Foundation – Hope Floats Foundation is a nonprofit founded in 2016 committed to impacting the statistics on worldwide drowning. The Hope Floats model is a simple, sustainable way for swim schools to provide scholarships for high-quality swim lessons in their community. To learn more about the Hope Floats Foundation, see a listing of swim school partners, or donate, please visit

Donate to families near you by visiting ☺️

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