If you wonder where your child should start with Gwinnett Swim, we hope the following information helps point you in the right direction. After reviewing, if you still have questions please give us a call. After your child has had their initial assessment we will be able to verify and make sure they are starting in the right class for their skill level.

1) ASI Level 1A Landlubbers class. Ages range from 6 months to 5 years old. Ditch the puddle jumper! Our one-on-one Aquatic Survival Instruction class has been developed to teach any non-swimming child the ability to survive an aquatic accident on their own, in addition to beginner swimming skills. This is the foundation to all of our swimming programs and the life skills that all children should have. 

2) ASI Level 1B Sea Legs class. Ages range from 5 years to 10 years old. This aquatic survival class is for the older child that is acclimated to the water, loves getting his or her face wet splashing around in the pool, but cannot maintain a float or swim, and doesn’t have the skills necessary to save themselves in the event of an emergency.


3) Maintenance and Growth Level 2 Scallywags class.  Ages range from ASI Graduates - 3 yrs old. Our Level 2 class is a natural progression from the ASI class, geared toward building confidence, self-esteem and endurance, all while using and strengthening their newly developed survival skills. Students must have completed the ASI program to enroll in this class.

4) Maintenance and Growth Level 3 Mateys class. Ages range from 3 years to 8 years old. Ready for a friend to join? Our Level 3 class concentrates on building endurance and confidence in their survival skills, while introducing new skills that are in preparation to learn the 4 basic swim strokes, all while enjoying time with a well-paired swimming buddy!​ Students must either Level Up from ASI, ASI FasTrack, L2, or be assessed for placement in this class.


5) Maintenance and Growth Level 4 Sea Dogs class. Ages range from 4 years and older. Let’s have some fun and use all of our skills! Our Sea Dogs group class is focused on swim stroke preparation and team building.​ Students must Level Up from L1A/B, L2, L3 or be assessed for placement in this class.


6) Stroke and Group Level 5 Buccaneers class. Ages range from 4 years and older. Ready for the next level? Our small group stroke instruction and personalized attention is focused on stroke development and endurance of all four strokes, including platform dives, starts and turns. Students must Level Up from L3, L4 or be schedule an assessment for placement in this level.


8) Stroke and Group Level 6 Swashbucklers class.  Ages range from 4 years and older. Must advance from L6, or be assessed for placement​. Our Swashbucklers is the second phase of our stroke program, focused on the latter two more difficult stroke techniques as well as open turns, flip turns, bucket turns, and dive overs.​ Swimmer must Level Up from L4, L5, or schedule an assessment for placement in this level.


9) Parent Assisted Level PA1 Lads ‘n Lasses class. Ages range from 0 - 12 months. This parent-assisted class is geared toward water acclimation for infants and young toddlers by introducing them to the water in a calm and soothing environment while in the parent’s arms. There will be lots of splashing and fun songs while your infant explores their new environment!

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