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Did you know that the number one cause of death for children under 5 is drowning? Each year more than a thousand children under 19 years old die from drowning while thousands more having non-fatal incidents. Many of these non-fatal incidents result in long term health issues including hypoxia and subsequent brain damage. Swim lessons would make a difference in the majority of these cases.

The investment in ASI and swim lessons for all ages can't be measured by money and/or time. One of our parents said it best when he said "There is no price that can be put on my child's life. I would be devastated if I knew about your ASI program and I decided against it because of the price or time commitment and something tragic happened months or years later that could have potentially been avoided." 

Gwinnett Swim has thousands of happy families who now feel more at ease around pools and open water because of the investment they made in their child's water safety. No child is ever "drown-proof", and there is no substitute for adult supervision, but we are giving them the tools they need to hopefully prevent a tragedy in those few precious moments you have when you realize your child could be in water. 

Contact Gwinnett Swim today to learn more!

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