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Adult Private Lessons

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Adult Swim Online Class Schedule

Our dynamic Adult Swim Class schedule is up-to-date in real time to help our swim families find available classes for their swimmers based on time, instructor and days.


One of the most common misconceptions about adult swimming lessons is that swimming lessons are only for children and is easy to teach yourself. This is a dangerous misconception and we want to change that perception. Swimming instruction is for all ages, any skill set and with any amount of experience.


Gwinnett Swim offers adult swim instruction with the comfort of private, one-on-one instruction. We can help you learn to swim, improve strokes, or overcome fears-whatever you need to improve your ability to swim. Your success is our first priority!​

Our private instruction for adults are the perfect starting point for adults of all ages and are very different from any public or group lesson you will find. Dedicated adult instructors will focus all of their energy and expertise on just you, building your confidence and skills. With our help you can gain basic swimming skills in a relatively short amount of time, giving you a critical life skill, as well as a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Types of Adult Instruction

Our instructors will customize each lesson specific to your personal goals and address your concerns and needs, such as:

  • Fear of the water (Aquaphobia)

  • Never learned to swim or beginner swimmer

  • Can swim, but wanting to improve skills and stroke technique

  • Experienced swimmer training for an event or competition such as a race/triathlon

Classes are weekly, 30 minute sessions. Each session is 8 weeks in length with a 9th week built in as a makeup or bonus day.*

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