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"This program is definitely a commitment but a huge investment in your child's life. If it wasn't for Cindy teaching my daughter ISR who knows what would've happened that freezing New Years Eve night when Ella was only 2 years old and fell into the pool. Instead, she fell in and flipped onto her back and continued floating until we found her a minute or so later. All 3 of my children have done the program and the hard work has definitely paid off. The older 2 are great swimmers and love it, while continuing to work on the 2 year old. Thanks Cindy and Christy!" ~ Bridget Cobb

ASI Swim Lessons, Survival Swim Lessons, Infant Swim Lessons, Parent Assisted Swim Lessons, Maintenance and Growth Swim Lessons, Stroke Swim Lessons, Swim Team, Adult Swim Lessons, Private Adult Swim Lessons, Adaptive Swim Lessons, Handicap Assessable Swim Lessons, Aquatic Aerobics, Silver Sneakers Swimmers, Indoor Swim Pool, Swim Facility, 

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