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Level 1A: ASI Landlubbers


15 minutes, 3 x per week, 10 weeks*

9 mo - 6 1/2 yrs

*This is not a splash & bubble class. This is a survival program* Ditch the puddle jumper! Our one-on-one Aquatic Survival Instruction class has been developed to teach any non-swimming child the ability to survive an aquatic accident on their own, in addition to beginner swimming skills. This is the foundation to all of our swimming programs and the life skills that all children should have.

FasTrack & ASI students

Level 1B: ASI FasTrack Sea Legs 


30 minutes, 2 x per week, 7 weeks*

6  1/2 yrs - 13 yrs


*This is not a splash & bubble class. This is a survival program* This aquatic survival class is for the older child that is acclimated to the water, loves getting his or her face wet splashing around in the pool, but cannot maintain a float or swim, and doesn’t have the skills necessary to save themselves in the event of an emergency.

ASI FasTrack Sea Legs
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ASI Online Class Schedule

Our dynamic ASI Class schedule is up-to-date in real time to help our swim families find available classes for their swimmers based on time, instructor and days.

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