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Level 2: Scallywags 


15 minutes x 1 day a week

ASI Graduates - 3 yrs

Our Level 2 class is a natural progression from the ASI class, geared toward building confidence, self-esteem and endurance, all while using and strengthening their newly developed survival skills.


Students must have completed the ASI program to enroll in this class.


Level 3: Mateys


30 minutes x 1 day a week

2yrs - 8yrs

Ready for a friend to join? Our Level 3 class concentrates on building endurance and confidence in their survival skills, while introducing new skills that are in preparation to learn the 4 basic swim strokes, all while enjoying time with a well-paired swimming buddy!

Students must either Level Up from ASI, ASI FasTrack, L2, or be assessed for placement in this class.

Sea Dogs

Level 4: Sea Dogs


30 minutes x 1 day a week

4yrs - 8yrs

Let’s have some fun and use all of our skills! Our Sea Dogs group class is focused on swim stroke preparation and team building.

Students must Level Up from L1A/B, L2, L3 or be assessed for placement in this class.

Maintenance and Growth Schedule.jpg

Maintenance and Growth Online Class Schedule

Our dynamic Maintenance and Growth Class schedule is up-to-date in real time to help our swim families find available classes for their swimmers based on time, instructor and days.

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