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Gwinnett Swim's Swim Team, The Krakens, competes in the North Georgia Swim League. Our team consist of 80+ swimmers of all ages and is coached by two certified coaches with years of experience coaching competitive swim teams. 

Each group is represented with team training scheduled several times each week allowing our families multiple days for training opportunities.

Swimmers will develop all four strokes - Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly and pushed to compete at the highest level of their abilities.

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Group Prerequisites:


*All groups are ability based with the understanding that age will be taken into account in certain situations.


Quest: (approximate age range 4-10 years)

Prep Level - swimmers need to be able to comfortably complete a 50 yard swim of both freestyle and backstroke. A basic understanding of breaststroke and butterfly is necessary with ability to do the kicks of each stroke being preferred. These two strokes do not need to be legal to join this group.


Travelers: (approximate age range 7-13 years)

Beginner Level - swimmers need to be able to swim all four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly) legally with some consistency. Swimmers will need the endurance to swim 100 yards of both freestyle and backstroke including flipturns.


Venturers: (approximate age range 11-15 years)

Intermediate Level - swimmers must be legal in all four competitive strokes with motivation to attend regular weekly practices.


Voyagers: (approximate age range 12-18 years)

Intermediate/Advanced Level - for the committed and motivated swimmer. Attending at least four practices a week is highly recommended.


Odyssey: (approximate age range 14-18 years)

Advanced Level - for the highly committed and motivated swimmer. Attending all five practices a week is highly recommended to be successful in this group.

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