Silver Swimmers | Silver Sneakers

Silver Sneakers/Swimmers is a fun program that helps adults 65 and older gain control over their health by encouraging physical activity in a social environment. 

Silver Sneakers/Swimmers provides a membership to participating fitness centers across the country. Through many Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans, Silver Sneakers can be free for many people. 

Gwinnett Swim is a participating member in the Silver Sneakers/Swimmers program. Our facility has certified instructors and equipment to provide an exciting and rewarding environment for our members. 

Silver Sneakers/Swimmers classes are scheduled up to five days per week. 

To get started simply bring in your Silver Sneakers Member ID to our facility. Complete the required paperwork and you are ready to get started. If you do not have a card, just bring in your health plan ID card with you and we will check to see if you are eligible for our fantastic fitness program. Not a member of Silver Sneakers? No worries! All adults can attend any of our Silver Swimmers classes for a low fee!

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Silver Sneakers Online Class Schedule

Our dynamic Silver (Swimmers) Sneaker Class schedule is up-to-date in real time to help our swim families find available classes for their swimmers based on time, instructor and days.

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